It is no secret that Literacy and Mathematics build on themselves step by step. Also that each child is unique and if compared to their peers, they are each at a very different level of development and understanding, which in turn differs from subject to subject. What one child is ready for in one subject, another may not be ready for and that is just fine!


At Footprints we believe Mathematics and Language should be taught and approached through individual Mastery. The pace of our Mathematics and Literacy programs is set by each individual rather than the group. We can do this because our programs are designed so that each child has their own unique plan and teachers work one on one with children until they have mastered each concept and are ready to move on to the next.


Through this approach we are enable to foster within each child a love of learning and a feeling of self-worth and achievement that will lay the foundation of their educational career.  

Ex. Mastery Mathematics Station

Ex. Mastery Literacy Station

Ex. Mastery Mathematics Station


Enabled by our incredible facilities, with their huge outdoor and indoor playgrounds plus our large indoor gyms, we take physical development and wellness to a whole new level. Our indoor gyms and climbers ensure that no matter the weather our children have ample time to run, climb, jump, tag, play and slide each day. Our children participate in organized activities, sports and games that teach, promote and track those ever important gross motor and team work skills. Our children’s physical development and wellness take on a leading role within our program!

In addition to our teacher lead science and discovery curriculum and experiments, we encourage children to explore their surroundings through interactive Science & Discovery Stations. Within our stations children become immersed in the world of discovery. They investigate, predict, create and evaluate their world through project and inquiry based learning as well as sensory exploration. The fascination of magnetism, the wonder of ecosystems, the excitement of building and creating… the world of Discovery awaits them as they are challenged to investigate, interact and nurture their inherent curiosity.


A key component of our program is to teach our children practical, every day skills, independence, socialization and self regulation. Through play and hands on learning stations children learn and explore everything from pouring, measuring, latching, lacing, zipping and buttoning to the development of positive, reliable relationships with their teachers and peers. Our teachers plan and create opportunities for children to develop mental flexibility, a working memory and self-control. Activities promoting task initiation followed by planning and organizing their tasks as well as clean up duty are encouraged and monitored to ensure positive growth, responsibility and eventual independence. 

Ex. Practical Life Station

Effective communication between parents and teachers is essential to the well being of every child. In addition to day to day communication, each month, parents receive a detailed newsletter to keep them informed of all the upcoming themes, events, fieldtrips and other important information.

In addition, tracking the progress of a child is essential to ensuring they are meeting all those important developmental milestones and academic progression. We take this responsibility seriously and as such each semester our teachers send home individual Progress Reports to update all our preschool parents on how their child is doing developmentally and academically in our program.


At Footprints we believe in Early Intervention and so we arrange an optional Speech and Motor screening each year. If intervention is needed, full funding is available and together with our partner Im for Kids, we facilitate the implementation of the applicable intervention program.


We believe that children are our greatest heritage; that the traditions we put in place in their formative years will lay the foundation for their growing sense of self-confidence!  That’s why we offer monthly field trips & themed parties, Christmas concerts, Cap & Gown Graduation ceremonies, school photos, semester detailed report cards, and heirloom memory books.

Creative expression through art and music enhances learning and is fun for children. We provide a variety of art mediums and materials to enable them to make fabulous ‘creations’ which are celebrated and displayed. During free play time, children can dance to their own beat using instruments in the music centre or sing along with their favorite songs. Dramatic play is also an integral part of a child’s development allowing them to use their vivid imaginations and natural creativity. They have adventures role-playing with friends, using prop boxes and building materials in a variety of dramatic play centres. Our role, as educators is to provide children with materials and opportunities to create and celebrate success with our little artists.


At Footprints for Learning Preschool we take the care of our children seriously. For this reason, our centres are licensed with Alberta Child and Family Services and all our centres are fully Accredited through the Alberta Standards of Excellence Program. We participate in this extensive program to ensure that we are giving the highest quality of care that each of our children deserve.


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