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About Us

Our preschool was founded in 2012 in Airdrie, Alberta. We are locally run and operated.


At Footprints, we believe your child can have it all; a Preschool that offers a nurturing environment, introduces phonics & early literacy, early math & science, we teach art & music, incorporates cognitive & themed learning, develops fine & gross motor skills, and encourages sensory & imaginative play!

We believe that active kids have active minds; that they deserve ample space to both play and learn in!

That’s why our centres offer them thousands of square feet of indoor play space and indoor/outdoor play grounds. 


We believe that sunshine spreads smiles!  That’s why our large fenced-in outdoor playground will give our students some much needed fresh air!  And in the Winter months, our colorful preschool room will be a welcome reminder of the coming Spring. 


We believe that children are more than people to be molded; they are young minds waiting to be unfolded!  That’s why our teachers work together as a team; each one leading the classroom in their various areas of expertise while ensuring that no child gets left behind. 


And we believe that children are our greatest heritage; that the traditions we put in place in their formative years will lay the foundation for their growing sense of self-confidence!  That’s why we offer monthly field trips & themed parties, Christmas concerts & Graduation ceremonies, semester detailed report cards and heirloom memory books.

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