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Preschool Airdrie

Choosing a Good Preschool

There are several things that set a good preschool Airdrie, AB, Canada apart from the rest. One of the main ones to look for is the educational program that is used. Some businesses call themselves "preschools," but don't actually try to teach much. These are more like daycares than schools, and while they may be able to keep your kids safe all day, they won't impart much information. A proper preschool will have age-appropriate learning activities that provide a head start towards what will be learned in the first official grades.


Another important part of a good preschool Airdrie is proper socialization. The school should not let kids run around without restriction, for this does not teach how to get along with one's peers. Instead, play should be supervised and bad behavior corrected before they become habits. This will not only help to ensure that your child won't be bullied, but also help all of the kids become better citizens of their next schools.


One of the best choices is an Airdrie Montessori preschool. A Montessori school uses a unique method of teaching that puts kids of mixed ages into groups with the intention that the older ones will help the younger. In a preschool situation, this might include kids aged 2.5 years to 6 years old. Another common grouping is ages 0-3. These kids are offered a set range of activities, all of which allow them to learn by discovery instead of direct instruction. While the kids might think of these activities as fun and games, they actually bring about the discovery of specific knowledge.


Many parents find that the methods used at an Airdrie Montessori preschool are superior to others. They let kids learn while being active and energetic, so boredom and stagnation are eliminated.

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