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Montessori Preschool

Do Kids Really Get Anything Out of Play Based Learning?

Many adults have been trained to think that playing doesn't teach anything, but this is actually incorrect thinking. Play of any sort teaches a variety of skills like how to get along with others, persistence, how to practice, and more. When the play takes the form of activities that are actually designed to teach, the effect is maximized. A Montessori preschool in Airdrie, AB, Canada uses these sorts of activities to get kids off to a great start while taking into account their natural energy levels, need to move around, and their curiosity. Because of this, children look forward to going to their play based learning preschool Airdrie instead of dreading it like it's some job.


A typical preschool tends to either be a glorified daycare, with no intent to actually teach, or it tries to be too much like a school for older children. Kids of preschool age, however, are both eager to learn and unable to just sit and listen to some teacher talk on and on. This makes a play based learning preschool especially suited for this age group. When done properly, they never even realize that they're "supposed to learn" there, but instead, consider the activities fun and interesting.


The Montessori preschool gives kids a choice about which activities to do, but makes sure that all of the options will teach or reinforce useful skills. At this age, the skills are basic, such as learning about spatial relations, interpersonal interaction, how physical objects work and move, and similar things. An instructor is present but does not provide much specific guidance. Instead, kids are left to discover things for themselves from activities that make such discoveries all but inevitable. Children typically look forward to attending to see what "games" there will be every day.

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