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Airdrie Preschools Programs

Choosing from the Options for Airdrie Preschools Programs

If you're in Airdrie, AB, Canada, you won't have any problems getting results if you search for "full day preschool near me." However, you'll also find so many Airdrie preschools programs that you may be baffled as to which one to choose! Therefore, it's important to get details from each school about exactly what they have kids do all day.


At some preschools, there really is no program to speak of. The kids are put into a big room and allowed to play with toys that will not challenge them to learn anything. Alternatively, they may do some basic gym-like things to burn off energy, and then be put into "naptime" as often as possible. These businesses may call themselves preschools, but they are really just daycare centers. They'll keep your kids safe, sure, but that's about all.


Other preschools attempt to replicate the environment of schools meant for older children. They'll have extra play time, but will then put the kids into a structured learning environment that basically involves sitting and listening to someone talk. If there are activities, they are rigidly led. This doesn't help them develop any actual thinking skills.


The best Airdrie preschool programs combine game-like activity with learning. Each "game" or activity is specifically designed to improve one or more basic developmental skills. The kids think they're just playing, but they are actually learning as they do so. Instructors don't provide rigid, step-by-step instructions, either. While they will answer some questions, the activities are set up so that most learning happens naturally as the activity is done.


For this reason, it's likely that your search for "full day preschool near me" will end at the Montessori preschool in Airdrie. Its well-established educational methods are engaging for young children and actually impart some knowledge, too.

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