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Airdrie Preschool

Choosing an Airdrie Preschool

Out of all of the preschools near me, the most interesting one is the Footprints for Learning Preschool. That's because it's a Montessori school. Montessori education is quite different from the norm. It doesn't expect kids young enough for preschool to sit still or to want to partake in highly structured study, yet it also doesn't think they should spend all of their time playing mindless games. These two principles result in the use of a set range of activities that the kids can choose from themselves. The activities are designed to allow children to discover basic principles about their world and various educational principles, but avoid the feeling of being "for education" that puts many kids off.


The principles used at this Airdrie preschool were developed by Maria Montessori over 100 years ago and have been used around the world ever since. A range of methods have developed during that time, but to qualify as a Montessori school, establishments must follow some basics that are governed by the Association Montessori Internationale, which is based in Amsterdam. Montessori associations also exist in each country to bring guidance closer to local schools. The main organization was started by Ms. Montessori to help ensure that certain practices would be used by any institution calling itself a Montessori school.


Because of this, I know that not all preschools near me can use the name Montessori. If I'm looking for a truly unique Airdrie preschool, I need to go to one that has the right certifications. This way, I know that my children won't be forced to sit still at an age when they are balls of energy. I also know that they won't just be running around in circles yelling mindlessly, either!

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