What Makes our Airdrie Preschool Different?

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Mastery Learning

Mastery Montessori Literacy

Montessori Mathematics 

Cognitive Development

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Large Indoor Climber

Huge Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Sensory Sand Play

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Sports & Gross Motor Gym

Dance & Movement

Fitness Instruction

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Creative Expression

Sensory Exploration

Dramatic & Free Play 

Music & Art Focus

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Discovery Workshops

Interactive Science Stations

Monthly Field Trips & Events

Building Workshops

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Practical Life Skills

Practical & Fine Motor Skills

Social & Emotional Regulation

Self Regulation

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Daily App Feedback

Monthly Newsletters

Regular Progress Reports

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Cap & Gown Ceremony


Scrapbook & Year Book

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2 FULL Day Preschool

M, W Full Day from 8:30am to 3:30pm




Tuition: $300/month 

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2 HALF Day Preschool

T,Th AM from 8:30am to 11:30am or

T, Th PM from 12:30pm to 3:30pm or

M,W PM from 12:30pm to 3:30pm or

Tuition: $150/month

3 HALF Day Preschool

M,W,F AM from 8:30am to 11:30am

Tuition: $225/month

Financial Support

Subsidy through Alberta Child and Youth Services is available to families who's combined annual income is less than $180,000. Please visit the Subsidy Website found here for more details on qualifications and how to apply (you will need line 50 from your latest Notice of Assessment to apply). Note that because Footprints Preschool offers a full day program, we are licensed as a daycare and not a preschool. When calculating your subsidy, make sure to prorate it based on the number of hours per month your child attends the preschool out of 100 hours per month. 

Example: If you make $130,000 combined income then for 100 hours per month of preschool you would receive a subsidy of $226 per month based on the below chart. However, if you are enrolled only 9 hours per week (~36 hours per month) then the subsidy you will receive is 36/100 * $226 = $81.36


"My son loves his teachers here! The program here also uses the facilities of the Magic Mountain daycare attached so they get to use the gym and outdoor playground as well, which I really love!"


Copied from Footprints for Learning Preschool's 

Google Reviews


"My family has been apart of Footprints For Learning Preschool for a total of 5 years. All three of my children have gone to this preschool and we absolutely LOVE it. The teachers are amazing, the program is fantastic, and my children learned so much. We moved clear across the city when my last child was ready for Preschool, so we thought we’d try a Preschool that was much closer. Well, we ended up switching back to Footprints because other programs just don’t compare. I can’t say enough about this preschool! I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!"

Copied from Footprints for Learning Preschool's 

Google Reviews

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"I absolutely love Footprints Preschool and my daughter loves it even more. The individual attention that the staff provides my daughter is amazing. She has learned and grown so so much since attending classes. Forever grateful thank you thank you!"

Copied from Footprints for Learning Preschool's 

Google Reviews