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Airdrie Preschools

What Makes Airdrie Emergent Preschools Different?

Most Airdrie preschools are of the standard type, with either few activities or with regular, sit-down educational lessons. Neither of these capture the attention of children so young, who are far too energetic to just sit and listen to a teacher talk. This is why some kids can go to preschool for years and still not end up ahead when they reach kindergarten. Airdrie emergent preschools aim to counter this problem with a different form of education.


"Emergent education" is a term that refers to a teaching style involving projects that are designed specifically for each group of children being taught. These projects work with the kids' existing interests, skills, and needs rather than forcing everyone into a cookie-cutter educational program. The result is groups doing a wide variety of age-appropriate things that help them learn or refine particular skills, and most importantly, kids who find the activities interesting and fun instead of work-like.


Since Airdrie emergent preschools don't have to teach to a test, it is fine if kids end up learning more about one type of thing than another. Therefore, children can be presented with a variety of activity choices and pick the fun ones without any fear of bad consequences. Of course, the activities offered are all meant to be educational, though when done properly, this won't be realized by the preschool children.


Because of this difference, many parents find that their kids do better in Airdrie preschools that use this method. It is far better than the usual methods of either forcing the youngest kids into overly-structured environments or just having them play non-learning games all day. Children often look forward to attending emergent education preschools, too, which makes starting the day far more enjoyable for all.

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